Whatever the market conditions or current trends, you will always find Awesome Motive leading the way to help our customers gain competitive business advantage and stay ahead of the curve. Setting up affiliate tracking shouldn’t be complicated, and with the right software, it isn’t. Allows the merchants to run reports, process payments to the affiliate, etc.

You may be wondering whether you should choose one of the affiliate software programs above, or whether you should outsource your program to an existing affiliate network instead. Kartra’s affiliate marketing software helps you manage and optimize your affiliate relationships from a single centralized platform. Take advantage of the platform’s single-click simplicity for incentivizing, paying, and communicating with your affiliates. TUNE was one of the first cloud-based SaaS platforms developed to support affiliate marketing early in 2009.

How an Affiliate Management System Works

CAKE’s affiliate marketing software solution helps you manage and measure partner performance with precision for improved profit margins. The software is currently affiliate management system used by over 500 advertisers in over 50 countries worldwide. CAKE’s core selling points are data accuracy, security, and stellar customer support.

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By PROGRESSProgress® Sitefinity™ is a content management and marketing analytics platform designed to maximize the agility needed to support enterprise-level digital marketing. A system of SLAs is also in place to ensure that the more urgent issues are dealt with in a timely manner and an emergency contact number is made available to all. A fully comprehensive support ticket system is in place letting affiliate managers follow up the progress of their queries.

  • However, there are a number of features that all affiliate tracking tools have in common.
  • Quite the contrary, it requires far more work than the “few hours” mentioned by various ads or on the websites of so-called “affiliate gurus”.
  • You will get the affiliate dashboard by signing up from the link provided by the merchant or by sending an affiliate request to the merchant.
  • These networks typically have many publishers already lined up to start promoting your offers, which will spare you the time and effort to find them yourself.

Affiliates can share links to any page on the website, using simple tools that are built into its dashboard. The System is a based php Codeigniter 3 framework that needs to be installed on a separate domain or sub_domain. The system comes with an admin panel and a user panel.Our system can run on basic Linux shared hosting and does not need any vps or dedicated server. 10 themes come free to use, and you can use any theme you like.

How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Program: 8 Steps to Success

All you need is the right software to take advantage of this low-risk digital marketing strategy. The appealing thing about affiliate networks is that they make it extremely easy to get started. However, it’s also extremely easy to set up your own affiliate program, and in the long run, there are greater growth opportunities with your own program. The great thing about having an army of affiliates marketing your products is you don’t have to pay them unless they bring you results. Sure, you might pay a few hundred bucks to set up your affiliate program, but you’ll soon start seeing a return on your investment.

How an Affiliate Management System Works

However, I would recommend setting your expectations of these fairly low. After all, they don’t cost anything, and, typically free things don’t display characteristics of sophistication . In this section, you can find a list of the members signed up for your affiliate program or requested to become an affiliate from their client portal. Along with this, you will be able to see the details of all your affiliate partners. You can check out more information on setting up an in-house affiliate program here. And join our Supermetrics partner program to earn 20% recurring commissions from each sale.


So, how does an affiliate software like Purply change all that? Affiliate management software allows you to make informed decisions about your selected affiliates. Unfortunately, these ambitions didn’t work out for various reasons. Many registered affiliates have all but abandoned their businesses plans, making them useless for promoting your brand. Show affiliates they are valued, so they are motivated to stay active in your program.They’re partners who are bringing value to your company. Think beyond just offering discounts for affiliates to share.

Automatically award affiliate commissions when your affiliate partners earn them, keeping them happy. Without tracking metrics, you won’t know what your affiliates are doing and whether or not your marketing is going in the right direction. But try as you might, you probably won’t be able to track and count every single click, comment, or action made by your affiliates – especially if you have several of them. You also need to ensure your program is safe from dishonest marketers, keep an eye on your affiliates’ performance, and take care of their payrolls as well.

How an Affiliate Management System Works

We draw on that worldwide connectivity to provide you with the best possible intel from across the globe. Our numbers demonstrate our commitment to the businesses we work with, and the success you can achieve by making informed decisions. Our analyses provide everything you need to find success and keep that momentum going in the long-term. With Purply, you can locate the 8% of affiliate websites that actually perform their function.